Performers and teachers of Swing Era jazz dances such as Lindy Hop and Charleston. Worldwide rep, downhome attitude.

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POSTED June 21st, 2010


Hello friends.

Just wanted to report that Andy is now happily residing in New Orleans, LA. Nina remains content in her episode of the Wire neighborhood in Baltimore, MD.

Hope you all are well.

POSTED September 6th, 2007

Long Time No Type

It’s been about a year since we’ve written a blog entry here, so I thought I’d do it finally. I just updated the videos and put in a new way to view the images. I also updated the tour listing. That’s all! Andy

POSTED August 29th, 2006

New Classes Start @ Glen Echo Soon!

We are starting two new classes series on Sept 21 at Glen Echo Park Bumper Car Pavillion. The classes are Partnered Charleston Clearing House and Shim Sham: From Reed to Minns to Collins..

For more info, check out our classes page.

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